Thursday, November 19, 2009

our wedding palette

I have been SO indecisive about our wedding palette... I knew I wanted yellows and blues, so originally I was thinking of something along the line of light greys, yellows, and light blues - very muted tones. However, when I revisited our fabulous venue last week with our even more fabulous wedding planner, I realized that the venue demands bold, bright colors. Inspired by this wedding on Once Wed, I would love to do something with cobalt blue, marigold, teal, light blues, and greys. How gorgeous would that be? I needed to put together an inspiration board, and Style Me Pretty's latest inspiration challenge gave me the creative kick in the ass that I needed! How's this?

View the original board here and get photo credits, if you'd like.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hello, lovelies!

Hello, everyone! This is my latest attempt at a blog, but I'm determined to keep it up. I'll be blogging about my wedding planning adventures, writing, travel, design, and food. The name "two for tea" derives from the fact that I do everything with my other-half, Eric, and it's a play on words. I love plays on words.